August 1, 2009

kelly's birthday, revisited

Although the summer is only half over with a month left still, I can't help but think, the summer is half over. For countless reasons, such as the inconsistent weather (which has still yet to be hot enough to be normal for this time of year), and my unchanging pile of homework that has yet to be completed, this summer has been flying by.
Though some things haven't changed much this year; my annual trip to southern Maine with "the fam", and weekend trips to the Catskills to visit the streams, and my favorite pancake house, I am eating my way through new places, and of course, recipes. Next week, I'm heading off to South Carolina for a week to relax and enjoy the beach for the last time this summer. A girl has to soak up that sun while she can, doesn't she?
Speaking of new recipes, my sister Kelly's birthday just passed, and with no objections, I was left to make the cake. With very specific instructions, I was told to make a yellow cake with vanilla icing. This was my perfect opportunity to try Cook's Illustrated new yellow cake recipe. Easy enough, it satisfied around the table, along with Magnolia Bakery's Fluffy Vanilla Frosting recipe. The not too-sweet cake went perfectly with Magnolia's icing (which, as one would imagine, had more than enough sugar to feed a family). I thought it moist, flavorful, and delicious; the family seemed to concur.

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