July 21, 2009

shrimp and orzo salads

In an effort to break through my mayo-hating barrier, and further, forget about its certain qualities that I love to detest, I gave in to Ina Garten's recipe for shrimp salad, which I had been feverishly eyeing for a long time. Too long. 
Throwing caution to the wind, I whipped it up on one 
of those sunny summer days which have become such a rarity. And I don't think whipped would be the right word, seeing as it took me hours to peel, devein, and wash every shrimp- each of which added to the growing doubt of my ill-fated taste buds. But I was determined to put myself out there, into a whole new world of condiments. In the end, though, the salad was delicious. The shrimp were moist and flavorful, and the hints of orange and dill added fresh and unique flavors. I'll admit, I'm slowly inching towards that mayo jar again. One step at a time. 
To add the "cherry on top" of my self-discovering experience, the orzo salad that I paired with the shrimp, from Giada De Laurentiis, was also great. Being chock full of fresh herbs, it tasted just like summer! Yes, it tasted like a season indeed. 
You can find the recipes here-