December 27, 2008

sugar cookies

Nowadays, chefs love to make "jazzed up" versions of classic cookies. But honestly, what is wrong with a good old fashioned cookie (with an overdose of sprinkles on top)? Every Christmas, my family makes these sugar cookies. They're from my grandma, and they're one of those timeless you-need-to-dunk-this-into-your-coffee cookies. They are simple and delicate, and very easy. There needn't be any flavored alcohol or fancy chocolate additions to this one (or, just don't let me know the end results just yet).
As a family tradition, the recipe calls for snacking at the dough (while no one is looking, of course), and then sitting in the kitchen waiting for the cookies to brown, because you're out of other sweets to snack on. Hence the lack of cooked-cookie pictures.
And then, once you eat the cookies, you're back to doing homework. Ah, if only a cookie could change the world. 

I'm thoroughly enjoying my break this week, and I hope everyone else is doing the same. Happy Holidays :)

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