November 23, 2008

herb stuffed artichokes

Have you ever flipped through a magazine, eyed recipes hungrily, but never actually made them? I find it a habit of mine to mark off every other page in La Cucina Italiana, but I've only ever made one recipe from the magazine itself. It's like me and my Ina Garten craze.

I had a feeling that it was a reliable magazine- in my defense, the pictures just looked so darn good. They're enough to make me cry with hunger after eating two large helpings of baked ziti. That being said, I think my attempt at this recipe was justified.
This recipe was, well, it just was. It wasn't good, but wasn't awful. Ok, I'm being nice- it wasn't abysmal. I followed the recipe to a T and was left with, on top of my downtrodden excitement, tough, chewy, plain, and unpleasant artichokes. My picture didn't bear a slight resemblance to the one in the magazine. I have not, tragically, opened it since.
Would I recommend this recipe? I think it's safe to say you can pass.

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